Here’s what people are saying about my author services!

I follow Julie Grasso on Instagram. What I admire about her most is her generosity. When I employed Julie to read two of my junior fiction chapter books and accompanying pitches, I knew she would give 100%. Focusing on language, readability and writing techniques, Julie identified potential problems, suggested changes in line with the target demographic and made the story flow better. Julie is fast and reliable. She also greatly improved my pitches and was happy to answer my questions. Having Julie’s experienced eyes read my work gave me the confidence to pitch to an agent. Thank you, Julie. 

Kristy Nita Brown. Childrens’ Author.

Julie’s knowledge of kidlit and especially crafting pitches, is in depth and wonderfully thorough.

              Not only was Julie’s specific feedback helpful, her tips and advice were gems to keep in mind for future projects.

              Julie’s encouragement and support in her feedback, show that she wants nothing more than for you and your work to shine.

Karen, Middle Grade Author, Victoria!

Manuscript and pitch critique that makes you want to dance! Julie aka the Middle Grade Maven is a masterful manuscript assessor. Meaningful, meticulous and motivating feedback. Fast turnaround and great value.

Claire Thompson, Childrens’ Author

Julie’s feedback was so helpful, from her thoughts on point of view, voice, dialogue, and issues that were right in front of my face but needed a clever editor to diagnose! In looking at my pitch, she had great suggestions for comp texts I hadn’t thought of. She raised questions around the stakes which made me examine what my story was really about. Julie’s feedback was peppered with industry insights from her experiences submitting her own books and liaising with Australian kids’ book publishers. I highly recommend her services as an accomplished industry maven!

Liz Ledden, Kids’ Book Author & One More Page podcaster

Julie is vivacious, kind and insightful; she also really knows her middle-grade literature. Julie’s feedback on my pitch, synopsis and manuscript broadened my horizons, and her comparison title suggestions were extremely helpful. She balanced constructive critique with empathic engagement, and my story will be much better off for having had her input!

Sarah Bacaller, Author and Audio Book Narrator

This is a must do for any writer! I had the most amazing experience with a 5-page manuscript assessment and pitch critique.

Learning from Julie was such a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to working with her of future projects!

L. Hackney, Childrens’ Writer

I had my call this morning with Julie for the Mini Mentorship and the information she provided just blew me away.
Julie helped form my ideas into a complete workable structure and gave me so many tips on how to pitch.

Julie provided many examples to ensure I had a clear grasp on what was being discussed.
Julie helped steer me in the right direction for which type of wording is more applicable to my book and also length of manuscript, chapter outlines, target audience and illustration ideas.

Julie’s knowledge of industry events and publishers is extensive and I now feel confident of who to pitch to and when.

I absolutely will use Julie’s services again in the future.

Claire Wheeler, Children’s Writer

Julie’s author services are invaluable – she has such an eye for detail, an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry, and a genuine passion for children’s fiction. I will be recommending her author services to everyone!

Sandy Bigna, Children’s Writer

This is the service I’ve been waiting for! I struggle with pitches, so having someone as knowledgeable and experienced about kidlit as Julie, who can cast a wise eye over my pitch before I send it out into the world, is invaluable. Julie has an eye for detail, cuts out unnecessary waffle, and creates a clear pathway to submission, giving me the confidence I need to get my work out into the world. I’ve already purchased my second one!

Shara Curlett, Childrens’ Writer

Julie was a wonderful assessor. She was extremely prompt in providing her feedback, which is always a bonus. On top of that her feedback was insightful, useful and very clear. Julie was also very happy to answer any questions that I had. I would highly recommend her assessment service. I know I will definitely be using her again! Thank you, Julie. I can’t wait to get editing!

Sarah, Childrens’ Author

I love the way Julie critiques a creator’s work. She is positive yet very constructive. Her knowledge of the industry is in depth and her input has strengthened my work in all aspects. Julie’s social media posts are readily identifiable with any creator not to mention hilarious and very heartfelt. Thanks so much again Julie! You are a pro!

Tania Cox, Children’s Author

“Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. It helped to identify some areas that need attention throughout the manuscript including tense changes and distinguishing between speech and thought. I also found the suggested comparable titles really helpful. Well worthwhile.”

Childrens’ Author SA

Julie’s insights and suggestions were invaluable! It was clear that she has deep knowledge of children’s literature. I will definitely be using her services again!

Jenna Stehler Childrens’ Author

Julie really helped me nail my pitch! I loved it. And the feedback of 5 pages was awesome. I just want to write like crazy and take onboard everything she suggested. Fantastic and so easy to understand.

Michele Dodd, Childrens’ Author

Insightful, honest, considerate and with a quick turnaround, Julie helped polish my stories and pitches, bringing them one step closer to the dream of publication.

Abbey Lane, Childrens’ Author